Everything You Need To Know About Body Butter!!!

Why Use Body Butter?

You might be getting puzzled what is the point in using body butter. After all, it looks like it is a very heavy, thick and greasy product.

However, there are many advantages of body butter over other skin care products.

  1. Homemade body butter does not contain any preservatives and has a very long shelf life. Considering, that body butters either do not have any liquids, or contains a very fine amount of them,  you can keep body butter on the shelf for up to 1 year.
  2. Body butter is amazing to soothe and soften rough skin patches and body areas like elbows, feet and heels, hands.
  3. Body butter will address dry skin problems better than any other skin care products due to its moisturizing and nourishing properties..


  1. Forms a protective layer around the skin.
  2. Reduces Wrinkles.
  3. Helps soothe skin rashes, sunburn and eczema.
  4. Contains beneficial antioxidants like vitamin C, E & A.
  5. Moisture eliminates any sign of dry, chapped skin and leaves skin feeling smooth and renewed.

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